Documentary Video on Chiropractic

Produced at Canada's Prestigious York University

Even under the best of circumstances, you know how Chiropractic is portrayed in the media. No matter how positive the piece, no matter what the subject; they end the report with an MD who has a negative or misleading comment to cast doubt in the public's mind about the positive story that they just saw. It always seems to end that way doesn't it?

Well, Canada's York University set out to do a documentary on Chiropractic called "Health In Hand" and they a slightly different approach. After each positive segment on Chiropractic in the documentary, they bring on an MD antagonist to refute what was just said. But, instead of letting the MD have the last word as is all too familiar here, they follow the MD's comments with refuting remarks by very credible DC's, MD's, Ph.D.'s and patients. The MD's come off looking self-serving and foolish. We could not have paid them to help us tell the chiropractic story so well.

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