It's a dazzling, fully animated presentation with full stereo sound that, if used as your core marketing tool, will help you position yourself in the addiction treatment community. Power Point is Microsoft's computer-based slide show creation and presentation product. It shows it's slides in any sequence you desire, and you can use highlighting tools to point to or draw circles around key points like John Madden during an instant replay.

Addiction Epidemic 3.0 was created in Power Point 97, but it can be shown on any computer or laptop that runs Windows 95 or 98. And yes, there is a viewer that can even let you show it on an antiquated computer that uses Windows 3.1. We always include the viewer on the disks we send to you. For a modest extra fee, in addition to the computer-based presentation, we provide full-color overhead transparencies. Sorry, color 35-mm slides are no longer available.

So what is this marketing tool and how can it help you grow your addiction treatment practice? First of all, it was created to fill a significant void, i.e. no marketing tools are available to "sell" addiction services. Other than some letters you'd mail to medical doctors and lawyers, created by Dr. Linda Ehlers, the ACACD class of 1997-98 was not presented with any marketing tools or ideas. After learning to use Power Point at New Horizons Learning Center, I started writing "Addiction Epidemic" on my laptop computer after each module of the ACACD curriculum, while the information was still fresh in my mind. Our seminars were held near Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It's a lonely place for a married man without his wife and young son, fortunately for the ACACD.

With time on my hands on Saturday night, I would go to the Cyber Cafe in Orlando and stay up until 2 or 3 am, creating Power Point slides from my notes and handouts. Each new module presented a challenge, to create something really visual that could be used for marketing myself. I never even thought of marketing it to my colleagues until I showed an early version of it to Dr. Holder. He was astounded! He immediately suggested getting it to members of the ACACD. So, after considerable, adding some really cool animation and sounds, Addiction Epidemic 3.11 is a fully mature product of 80 dazzling color "slides." I can tell you how I've used it; you can probably think of many more ways to use it.

My latest coup was to show it to the Criminal Trial Lawyers Association of Pinellas County, Florida. They even gave 3 CLE credits for attending the presentation, which was presented at one of their regular monthly dinner meetings. The referrals are still coming in from that one! I also run it on my laptop during my monthly appearances on the Recovery Broadcasting Network's evening radio show. I consult various slides to get statistics and answers to questions from the show's host, Charlie Pitman. I've shown Addiction Epidemic 3.11 to State Attorneys, to the Public Defender, to Dr. Ku of the Florida Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to Justice Coordination, and to the Medical Director at the County Jail, to name but a few.

Dr. Ku was so impressed with Addiction Epidemic 3.11 that he offered me a highly paid position at his Institute teaching addictionology to his students. I used an "Outline View" of the Addiction Epidemic 3.11 slides to create a presentation on in-jail recovery for our county Substance Abuse Advisory Board (SAAB) meeting in February of 1999. I simply cut and pasted from the "outline view" computer file to create my SAAB presentation.

The point is, you have to get involved in your community's substance abuse recovery and prevention efforts. Position yourself as an authority on addictive and compulsive disorders, and watch the referrals flooding to your practice. Join your state's Drug and Alcohol Abuse Association, go to their seminars and schmooze everyone you meet. Ask for opportunities to show your Addiction Epidemic 3.11 presentation. I recently gave a free "Lunch and Learn" Seminar to 50 DUI Defense Attorneys, doctors, and addiction professionals. Since I also have a busy personal injury practice, a local MRI facility picked up the tab for lunch! My cost: about $200 for invitations & postage, two hours of my time, and indigestion from the Italian buffet! The response, about 40 referrals so far - and counting!

I can't tell you how many DUI defense lawyer's I've shown it to. Just take them to lunch and show it on a laptop computer. Better yet, take a catered lunch to their office and show it to them and their staff, using an overhead or slide projector or computer projector. It works! I suggest you buy a 3M overhead project for $150 - 200 at any office supply store. You can buy clear transparency film and colored markers to expand or expound on any slide.

Oh, and by the way, I use Addiction Epidemic 3.11 one-on-one with my substance abuse patients. It's a great way to tactfully start talking about delicate subjects like denial, relapse, co-dependency, spousal abuse, etc. I usually show about half the presentation on their first visit, and the second half on a subsequent visit. It's a powerful way to present the multi-factorial basis and the genetic basis of addiction. It really helps patients to understand their disease - a picture truly is worth a thousands words.

To order Addiction Epidemic 3.11, please contact the American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders at 1-800-490-7714 or 1-305-535-8803 and charge it on your credit card. You may also mail your check to: ACACD, 3303 Flamingo Drive - Miami Beach, Florida 33140

The costs are: $199 for the Power Point computer presentation only, $399 for the computer presentation with all of the full-color overhead transparencies. Sorry, 35mm slides are no longer available.

Power Point show on Smoking Cessation and Tobacco Addiction disc AND fifty-five overhead transparencies for only $249.