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Our mission at Ignite Chiropractic is to ignite a passion for health and healing in the Fargo-Moorhead area that starts with you and your family. We believe that we all have a God-given ability to heal and it is our mission to help you unleash that within you. We assist you in reaching your highest potential for health through specific, chiropractic care. We offer customized, corrective care plans and specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments to achieve your health goals. Ignite Chiropractic's goal is to start with you and your family and spread a love for health and healing throughout the Fargo-Moorhead community. Our goal is to assist you in bringing out the healing potential that God has given everyone of us. We use some of the most cutting-edge technology available to help you achieve your maximum level of health. This enables us to provide you with the finest care possible without ever making a health-related guess. To help you reach your health goals, we provide specialized, corrective care plans and precise, scientific chiropractic adjustments. Through the most cutting-edge chiropractic therapy available, Our Doctors are committed to assisting our community of Fargo-Moorhead in reaching its highest potential for health and wellness. We provide continuing chiropractic care for you and your family using cutting edge methods, continual education, cutting edge technology, and diligent research. At Ignite, we want to help you reach your health goals and start along the path to better health and wellness. Everything begins with your decision to take control of your health and visit Ignite Chiropractic to identify the underlying causes of your health issues.

Josh Albrecht

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